Brainspotting International, along with the Brazilian Association of Brainspotting, dedicated at least two years, with great enthusiasm, to transform the dream bring together brainspotters from all over the world in reality, at the 1st International Brainspotting Conference, March 03 to 06, 2016, at city ​​of Búzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the theme “Integration of the World Brainspotting Community”. We feel honored by the trust in us, brazilians, primarily by David Grand, when he presented us this challenge, and therefore by all of you who have decided to join us in this historic moment.

Brazil, known for its tropical characteristics, with beautiful landscapes, diversity and exuberance, was even more intense with the presence of all of you who dedicate your lives helping the Human Being to become a better person, reconnecting to his very essence.

We wish this Conference has been just one step of many that will be carried out to strengthen our community of Brainspotting therapists. Together, we were able to enjoy pleasant moments, with an exchange of knowledge and experience, reinforcement of professional and personal ties, among lecturers, presenters, participants and their families, in an affectionate atmosphere.

We hope that so many positive exchanges may have connected us with invigorating energies that have stimulated our creativity, improved our practice, motivated scientific works, mobilized humanitarian aid, so that we feel more integrated in various actions of intimate transformation of our own being and our communities, promoting a more peaceful world.

Brazil was immensely happy to be able to host this historic event!

Feel very welcome to the 1st International Brainspotting Conference!


David Grand 
Conference Chairman

Patrícia Jacob
Organizing Committee Chair

Cristiane Ramos Damaso
Organizing Committee Chair-in-office

Angela Bolzan
Cacilda Soares da Costa
Cíntia Fuzikawa
Daniel Oliveira e Gabarra
Daniela Reis e Silva
Juliana Martins Garcia Lemes
Priscila Fuzikawa

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