Deborah Antinori, Davison Counseling Center, USA; Martha Jacobi, Brainspotting Happens!, USA; Christine Ranck, Private Practice, USA
Participants will: learn the scientific theories from physics and neurobiology that support Brainspotting’s “Uncertainty Principle”; observe and reflect on the application of the Uncertainty Principle in clinical practice. The“Uncertainty Principle”is one of the core theoretical concepts in Brainspotting. The presenters combine their expertise in quantum physics (Ranck), neuroscience (Antinori), and clinical practice (Jacobi) to operationalize Brainspotting’s use of the Uncertainty Principle. Topics include: Heisenberg’s development, explication, and application of “uncertainty” in physics, including discussion of “reality” and “perception”;how the Uncertainty Principle is evoked and supported by relational and neurobiological attunement, grounded in Interpersonal Neurobiology, Affective Neuroscience, and the Polyvagal Theory; how the image of “staying in the tail of the comet” relates in clinical practice when there is a need to tighten the Dual Attunement Frame (in“extremely complex PTSD”) or expand it (in creativity enhancement.) 

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