Steve Sawyer, New Vision Wilderness Therapy, USA
Objective: Increase therapist skills for creating attunement through modern sci- ence findings. This presentation simplifies modern scientific findings relating to how the practitioner influences a client’s inner stability and nervous system. We will examine the nervous systems response to stress as well as the key messages our nervous system integrates to determine safety and/or stability in relationship. This seminar’s science is integrated from a combination of research findings from the Institute of Heartmath, the Trauma Center Boston, the Poly-Vagal Theory of Porges, and the concepts from Brainspotting International. We will examine a practitioners role through the 5 senses and other theorized sensory inputs that can be accessed to more effectively establish a therapeutic window known as coherence. We will also examine the impact the therapist can play with key variables when out of sync. There will be an examination of influencing issues like dissociation and interpersonal hypersensitivity. A collection of well-timed in session measurements of Heart Rate variation, EKG measures, and live demonstrations of HRV measurement will be used to demonstrate more effectively accessing attunement in therapy.

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