Bruce Davis, Center for Structural Medicine, USA
The objectives are to explore and teach the integration of the brainspots of the mid-brain with the proprioadaptive reflexes contained in the sutures of the skull.
The dura-mater forms the periosteum inside the skull and attaches to the outside of the skull through the sutures. The squamosal, lamdoid and sagital sutures contain receptors for the cervical, thoracic and lumbar nerves respectively, and connected with the proper brainspot, resets neural hyperactivity of the sympathetic nervous system. The history of Craniopathy and the integration capability of Brainspotting in healing nervous system trauma will be discussed. A patient will be treated that has a musculoskeletal injury and a demonstration will be done with Brainspotting to show how the mid-brain and proprioceptive nervous systems can be integrated. Discussion will follow with a simple technique to teach patients how to reset spinal tension using a brain spot with 2 point vectors of the skull.

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