Jennifer Delaney, OwlHeart Healing Arts, USA
The physical body can only be present; it cannot exist in past trauma or future worst-case scenario. I teach tools that complement the mindfulness of Brainspotting and help clients to trust the nonverbal (subcortical) wisdom of their bodies. As they learn these exercises, they are empowered to support, calm and resource themselves outside of sessions. These exercises are backed by science related to vagus nerve stimulation and nervous system regulation, explained in this experiential presentation. I present the information accompanied by power point slides, as well as leading audience members (therapists) through some of the exercises, so that they might experience the benefit first hand. I touch on concepts such as mindfulness, interoception, telomerase production, peripheral nervous system, Stephen Porges’polyvagal theory and limbic resonance, to name a few, to fully explain the benefits of Brainspotting and other somatic modalities. In my work with clients, the exercises have proved time and again to be essential tools as clients observe triggers and make new choices based on a new reference point born out of a higher level of physical ease.

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