In this conference the relevance of the Presence of the Therapist in Psychotherapy and its influence in promoting the self-healing that happens with Brainspotting will be presented. We will cover how the bonds in early life influence the dynamics of brain biochemistry and how, when there are failures in attachment, it becomes a question of survival. However, the safe bond to a present and affectionate caring figure is a factor of health, growth and healing. The therapist, present andself-empty, provides a framework for relational attunement creating a “support- ive environment” in Winnicott’s terms, which facilitates the client’s brain to enter into its self-healing and transformation mode. This framework creates a “Healing Bubble” in which the capacity of the therapist to be present facilitates the own client’s capacity to be present in his/her experience: it is the compassionate Observer witnessing the I Experience. The main resource par excellence is presence as a healing factor. Some indications are also proposed for the therapist to develop his/her capacity for presence.

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