07.1 Use of the BSP in case of urban violence and development of psychotic psychopathology
Jonathan Ribeiro, Programa de Atendimento e Pesquisa em Violência (PROVE) – UNIFESP, Brazil

Case report of a patient who was subjected to physical and possibly sexual violence 10 years ago and who presented a psychopathological picture marked by psychotic symptomatology with possible diagnosis of schizophrenia. The treatments to which it was submitted (emd) in that period of time did not demonstrate satisfactory results regarding the remission of symptoms. The BSP has been applied since November 2014. The patient has been presenting so far, partial improvement in the psychotic symptomatology, social contact, problem solving, urban mobility, domestic tasks, care and attention with the children.

07.2 Benefits of Brainspotting in Emergencies and Disaster Care
Daniel Saito, Instituto Entrelaços – Grupo de Atendimento à Emergência, Brazil

The work will consist of the presentation of applications of Brainspotting in emergency situations, with patients involved, directly or indirectly, in accidents, disasters, catastrophe etc. The objective is to show how in trauma situations, in which the subject is very activated, the use of this technique has been proved appropriate, by acting directly in the layers of this trauma, mobilizing the internal resources of the person. The use of Brainspotting will be explained in both the emergency and post-emergence periods, showing how, during the emergency period, it is possible to help in the elaboration of trauma. And, as in the post-emergency, the method may even act, for example, in the process of rehabilitation of physical traumas. The work will also address another important resource in this process: the therapeutic relationship, which is configured on a safe basis for so many uncertainties generated by the trauma. To conclude, there will be an exposition of positive results already achieved in recovery processes, which have promoted a significant improvement in patients’ quality of life, such as recall and organization of the sequence of the traumatic event moments, activation of internal healing resources, sleep quality and mobilization by remembering the traumatic situation.

07.3 Braincoaching
Fabiana Souza, Fabiana Barbosa Psicoterapia e Coaching, Brazil
Objectives: to define the concept of coaching, to discriminate the contexts in which it can be applied and the results that have been achieved in practice. Demonstrate and apply strategies and coaching tools associated with Brainspotting as an alternative for acting to brainspotters therapists and as a strategy to enhance results with clients afterwards.

07.4 Brainspotting reconnecting life to its fullness
Carla de Andrade, Clínica Saúde Batel, Brazil
The main goal was to change the way the patient faced the past and the traumatic and bad situations and events. A 19-year-old patient was bullied. It was considered “schizophrenic” and “depressive.” Because of this she was afraid of herself, of knowing herself; afraid that what people said about her was confirmed. She dropped out of school at age 14 and had hospitalizations. She began psychiatric treatment in 2009. She had drug poisoning, suffered from nightmares. She reports that he could not cry, that she had bouts of self-mutilation and was in the process of bulimia. During the period of one year and three months of sessions there were many challenges and great changes occurred. The most striking thing happened when, for the first time, she left home alone, took a bus and went to the consultation, which she described as “a great achievement”. They deserve to be highlighted: decrease of medications, no longer seen as a victim or feel angry with people. More focused, she makes plans for the future. Brainspotting provided relief from the traumatic events, gave support and structure so that the patient could now feel in balance and harmony. Her testimony: “The first step to that is possible. We are responsible for changing tomorrow. ” To achieve a happy ending is to believe.

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