Susan Pinco, Integrative Psychotherapy, LLC, USA
Brainspotting, Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP and Social Psychology teach us the impor- tance of meta-communication and the power of tone, tempo, and numerous other para-verbal elements. This seminar will focus on a particular element of meta-com- munication; silence. Silence as it occurs within the context of speech and within context of our sessions. In attending this seminar, participants will experience new ways of thinking about, eliciting and utilizing silence drawing from elements of Brainspottingtm, Ericksonian Hypnosis, mindfulness, quantum physics, interpersonal neurobiology, and somatically oriented therapies. Attendees will: be encouraged to rethink their relationship to the space between words and to develop techniques that enhance their own palette and that of their clients; amplifying effectiveness both in and between sessions; be able to differentiate between structured and unstruc tured silence and demonstrate two ways to utilize both structured silence within the context of Brainspotting; expand their understanding of how silence can be used to promote relationship both between therapist and client and within the client system (ie: between ego states) and be able to identify the techniques that can be utilized to facilitate this process and articulate why they are effective.

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