Robert Weisz, Brainspotting & Hypnotherapy Clinic, Milton Erickson Institute of New Mexico, USA
The three pillars (essential components in the functional structure of BSP) are: 1. Felt sense attention of the somatic experience of emotional activation, 2. The attuned supportive, empathic relationship between therapist and client, and 3. The location and maintenance of an eye position (Brainspot). MBEP harnesses the right – hemisphere subcortical activation generated by the client’s singular, sustained, focused, mindful attention upon his/her sensory experience of the emotional acti- vation, and the interpersonal and neurobiological support of the attuned relationship – two of the three pillars BSP. MBEP is a useful resource for every BSP practitioner who is interested in expanding his or her range of options in the application of BSP with a wide range of clients. It can be used as a stepping – stone in the introduction of BSP to new clients, and as a safe, contained way for effective titration of stimulation and activation, while maintaining the flow of emotional processing. This presentation will allow participants to learn the practice of the basic MBEP structure, the psychodynamic, behavioral, and neurobiological components of MBEP, and to experience a 30 minute demonstration of MBEP with a volunteer.

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