March 3 to 6 – 2016
Ferradura Resort Hotel
Armação dos Búzios Rio de Janeiro


Videos extracted from the 1st International Brainspotting Conference. Brazil, 2016.
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Session 10 | Integrating Brainspotting with imago relationship therapy: creating conscious connection with couples

Cherie Lindberg, Get Connected Counseling, USA Objectives: participants will...


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Session 3 | Grounding: a key ingredient to Brainspotting

Cynthia Schwartzberg, Cynthasis, USA The objectives will be to provide...

Sessão 6 | André Monteiro, Paige Roberts e Stephen LaMotte

06.1 Estados do ego e Brainspotting multifocal André Monteiro, Focus -...

Session 1 | Brainspotting with children and adolescents: dissolving trauma and discovering joy!

Mark Grixti, SPS, UK; Martha Jacobi, Brainspotting Happens!, USA; Monika...

Session 11 | Body-centered exercises to support Brainspotting

Jennifer Delaney, OwlHeart Healing Arts, USA The physical body can only be...

Sessão 15 | Eliminação de pesadelos de incidentes de trauma usando o Brainspotting

Mary Tendall, LMFT, USA Incidentes de trauma não resolvidos podem se...

Dr. Damir Del Monte

Dr. Damir Del Monte (antes de seu casamento conhecido como Damir Lovric):...

Sessão 18 | Brainspotting em perspectiva religiosa e espiritual comparativa

Martha Jacobi, Brainspotting Happens!, USA Os participantes irão: aprender...
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Conference’s closing session

Conference’s closing session

At the closing session of the 1st International Brainspotting Conference, David Grand, creator and developer of Brainspotting and Cristiane Ramos, president of the Brazilian Association of Brainspotting, gave the last words. Grand thanked all the staff who worked at...

Pre-conference: Masterclass with David Grand

Pre-conference: Masterclass with David Grand

Prior to attending, David Grand, differentiated intensive master's class. Whereas in the first one only ten people participate where all clients and therapists are at least once under their supervision, being restricted to the demonstration of the technique. In the...